To the Media Manager / Director     


We are happy to send you the latest edition of our magazine for your kind consideration and invite you to use our magazine as a valuable platform for your advertising. We have also started a new service on the Internet, available as a PORTAL for your needs.

Why advertise with us?

Our magazine is unique. We provide a Home Delivery Service for mostly EXPATRIATE & TOURIST CUSTOMERS living in their own bungalows and villas.

Our magazine contains menus from many international restaurants and our customers keep this magazine and refer to it continually (unlike a daily newspaper or a one-way entertainment magazine) for our services.

We use high quality paper and now print in glossy 15.000 copies, every three months! We have a very sophisticated delivery network and client data base for marketing.

We distribute to check and refill our outlets in many locations such as villas, public places such as shopping malls (Bali Deli, Bintang Supermarket,  Minimart, etc.) and travel agents, medical, legal centers and of course in all our restaurants partner.

We also offer other promotion possibilities such as Flyers, Handouts etc. (for inclusion in our magazine).

What about the costs?

Please contact us for further information:

Danan Joyo: 081 238 00 990,


Our magazine has a “3 months lifetime” and is used again & again many times for food orders.
Your advertisement is should be placed next to a menu and will automatically draw a lot of attention. Further, we don’t “overload” a page with advertisements and therefore the reader will be sure to see your advertisement many times.

Best Regards,

The Managements